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What It Does:

Chosen number one by many boot manufacturers and outdoor enthusiasts, Aquaseal® creme has proven itself reliable to waterproof and condition all types of leather. This unique product combines conditioning oils similar to those used by tanneries, extremely viscous silicone, and a paraffin-polymer blend. This achieves maximum leather care, waterproofing and conditioning, while retaining leather breathability and durability. Aquaseal® is easy to use and leaves no sticky residue.

Recommended For Use On:

Smooth oil-tanned leather, smooth chrome tanned leather, silicone impregnated and other pre-waterproofed leathers

Action Uses:

Indoor/outdoor work footwear care, hiking boots, hunting boots, mountain biking shoes, motorcycle boots and gloves, leather tack (saddles, bridles, harnesses), shoe care, most types of leather gloves, golf shoes, soccer shoes and much more.

"Safe on Gore-Tex® footwear"

Available In The Following:

Aquaseal® Scent Free Creme 806-0122       2oz
806-0142       4oz
806-0182       8oz