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Liquid Aquaseal With Max Conditioning & Cleaner Package

Liquid Aquaseal With Max Conditioning & Cleaner Package Item #: 805-2450

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  • The revitalizing cleaning power of SMOOTH LEATHER CLEANER
  • The nourishing and protective powers of MAX LEATHER CARE
  • Together they’re complete footwear leather care – precisely what leather needs to survive and thrive.

Usage Tips

Some darkening may occur. Test in a hidden small area before applying to all.


Shake well. Dispense liberally onto a damp cloth or sponge and thoroughly work into the leather. (If very dirty, use a nylon brush.) Rinse and wipe surface with a clean, dry cloth. Let dry overnight at room temperature.

Max Leather Care

Shake well. Apply an even coat to the surface. Let dry for 1 hour. Apply second coat. Dry overnight. If light haze appears, brush/buff lightly. Reapply as weather and wear requires it.

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